CDN – What is CDN & Why is it important?

CDN – What is CDN & Why is it important: Website speed is very important for any website. On the one hand, if it takes more time to visit a specific website. As the user leaves, so does the impact on SEO. We value webhosting primarily for the speed of the website. Good speed. I take more expensive packages for high response time, low down time. This is a misconception. especially in shared hosting.


When you buy a shared hosting, no matter how expensive it is, you have to keep in mind that this is the same server but many more users are using it. If an excessive request comes to the specified server. Then other websites of the server will also be affected. Again if your website is uploaded to a server in USA. And if the visitor is Bangladeshi, it will take more time to reach that website or make the content visible. And USA visitors will see the content at a relatively fast time.


So how do you solve this problem? How visitors from all countries can access your website at equal speed. Today’s post is about it. Today I will discuss what is CDN? At the same time I will try to give an idea CDN Why is it important ?


What is CDN and Importance of Page Speed?

What is CDN


Speed ​​= Money, and this is especially true for e-commerce websites. Various studies say that. All e-commerce websites load in 0 to 2 seconds. They have high conversion rate. The conversion rate can decrease by up to 4.42% per second. And the reason behind that, when a user wants to buy something, then he wants it quickly, then a website takes more time to load. He goes elsewhere as usual.


Load time is important not only for e-commerce websites but also for other websites. Websites that load in 1 second. It has a bounce rate of 6%. But when it loads in 3 seconds. Its Bounce Rate goes to 8%. In the same way, the bounce rate for 5 seconds can go up to 36%.


In such cases CDN adopts a standard strategy. Through which CDN users get. A loading time and high response rate. CDN expects. By 2022, they will have 62% of the total internet traffic. That’s why they’re able to make this claim, because users already have it. Benefited enough from it and accepted well.


What is CDN and Why is it important?

What is CDN and Why is it important?

Usually when we purchase a webhosting. Then we are given a server. There can be many types of servers. It can be a private or shared server. Notice the same way. The server contains the names of different countries. Such as Singapore server, USA server, or Canada server etc. USA server means. Your data will be saved on the country server. When a visitor will visit your website. Then the data from that country will be displayed on the visitor’s phone.


So there are or can be two kinds of problems


First of all if your server is from USA then if someone from Bangladesh wants to access the webpage it may take more time to load. It can’t always be said, it will depend on the pressure of the server.

The second is that when you take a shared hosting, your website may go down if the server is overloaded due to the pressure of other websites.


And CDN is Content Delivery Network works to solve these problems. When you use CDN. Then your server will be in different locations. Although the main server is in the USA, servers will be created in different locations for visitors. E.g. When any user in Bangladesh will want to visit the website. Then that request did not go to USA. Go to the server at the nearest location. It could be India or a nearby server.


The website owner will pay for the CDN service. In return, they will upload the website’s Images, Video, Audio, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files from the main server to their own different servers. Each server will store the contents of the website in the form of cache. And provide to visitors when needed.


Whenever a visitor makes a request. CDN will then show the content from its nearest server. This will also increase the response time and load the page faster. CND will simultaneously optimize the content according to their type. So that it can be displayed in a fast time. As the speed increases, CDN will also increase your bandwidth.


What the advantages of using a CDN SEO?


  1. Improved user experience
  2.  Advanced Analytics Advantages
  3. Site security


1. Improved user experience

At the present time. It is important for all SEO professionals to pay attention to webpage speed. And it should be a priority. Google currently focuses on user experience and is the basis for search engine rankings. Updated Mobile-Friendly in 2015. In 2016, Google announced page speed as one of the ranking factors. Even the latest May, 2021 update announced Google’s algorithm. User experience is more important now.


Even before that. Different algorithms change in the past. Site owners would find out. Which side should be improved but this time Google has told itself what to do.


2. Advanced Analytics Advantages


You like With WebTool your website speed, including accurate LCP, FID and visual stability of CLS. Can measure different matrix. However, premium CDNs will provide you with these by default.

You will always find a customized dashboard on the CDN package. Where you can monitor various performances.


3. Site security


CDN can protect your website from various attacks like DDoS. Because your website will have different servers based on CDN. And if attacked. At first these will be affected and the main server will be completely out of reach.

Moreover, if a server goes down due to an attack or additional traffic, they will immediately display your data from another server.

And so CDN, to keep the speed and security of your website safe. You will also be ahead in SEO.


What the Disadvantages of using a CDN?

Although there are advantages, CDN has Two disadvantages. let’s find out.

  1. Image Hosting
  2. Duplicate content


1.  Image Hosting


There is a lot of controversy over the use of CDN in image hosting and image ranking. An eminent SEO professional. Google’s senior is a trend analytic. John Mueller was asked how CDN contributes to image ranking. Mueller replied. There is no benefit of SEO in image hosting on CDN. However, many in the SEO industry. Again this opinion is against it.


Founder of Blue media and an SEO expert. According to William Sen. Hosting images on sub-domains may not be safe because Google has not provided any clear information about it anywhere. Subdomains may contain live images. However, Google can only view it as an archive of sub-domains.


2.  Duplicate content 

Another problem with CDNs may be duplicate content. Your website’s data may show duplicates in search engines. However, if the CDN can be set properly. Then this is not the problem.

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