What is Amazon Web Service (AWS) ?- What’s Benefits of AWS Services?

“What is Amazon Web Service (AWS)” Cloud Computing is leading a variety of international services (AWS). One of the most important of these international service providers is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon provides a variety of services in the cloud that are essential for the cloud.

what is aws

Period AWS was released in July 2002. It was opened to the public in 2004 and was overseen by Chris Pinkham and Benjamin Black. The EC2 service of Pinkham and Christopher Brown was later formed in Cape Town, South Africa.

Let us know why we will accept the services of AWS? We have many cloud providers. For example- Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Salesforce, VMware. Even though all of these cloud providers are important, why should we accept AWS services? Through today’s tune we will try to get a clear idea about this subject. 


What’s Benefits of AWS Services?

We will use AWS for this because it is the oldest and most reliable cloud provider. Of all the cloud providers in the market, AWS Cloud Provider occupies 33% of the space. AWS is more efficient as a cloud provider. Let us know five reasons why we will use AWS. The first reason is to know about security.

1. Security FOR AWS:

The most important thing when it comes to creating or developing an application is security. Security is a major issue in every application. Because if your application is not secure then it can be hacked. There are several domains in the internet world for which security is most important.

If we talk about banking domain or if we talk about medical domain or if we talk about finance domain then security is the most important issue in these cases. If your application is not secure then your application is not trusted. How to save or preserve your money if not qualified.

How to keep your information secure. In these cases you will get the highest security or high security from AWS, undoubtedly reliable and complete solution of all complaints. Because AWS has already acquired a lot of skills. You will find many services in AWS that will secure your application. So this is why we can hire or use AWS to get services. Because it is the most secure service.

2 .  API For AWS:


The full version of the API is the Application Programming Interface. It is the sum of a bunch of tasks that can be called a computer, library or application that is ready to exchange services or information with another application. Software developers usually develop APIs. Everything depends on the API today. Because we want to create an API for each application so that we can get the necessary micro features for that application.


The API converts each application into a micro service and divides it into smaller parts. AWS is very important for this. This is because AWS has launched many services that provide API links or have databases that provide API links. If you want to develop from your application very quickly then you will need API. So for API, AWS has different types of services, some for micro-services and some for deployment. There are many strategies for backing up your application in various AWS services.

3. Recovery for AWS 

In many cases in the internet world our various applications go down or the database disappears or sometimes it doesn’t work properly. As a result, we need to take alternative measures. In this case, AWS has many services. In this case AWS manages these issues.

AWS has many versatile platforms that back up your application or data, manage your application, make copies of your application. So that you do not endanger your daily activities. AWS runs a blueprint model of your application so that if it doesn’t run on another server, it can run on another server. This means that you will find many tools to recover your data or application in AWS.


4. Pricing for AWS 


If you want to get service from AWS then you must pay something for it. AWS offers a lot more opportunities when it comes to pricing. The biggest advantage of AWS is that free tier is available for one year. That means you don’t have to pay for a year to receive all the benefits of the Amazon web service. The second major advantage is that you have to pay as much as you receive services from here. Its hair is neither more nor less.


This means that the Pay as you go option is open here so that you can pay as much as you accept the service. This means that if you receive a half-hour service from here, you will have to pay for this half-hour as much as you have been billed. The third big advantage of AWS is that the more you use it, the less you have to pay. In other words, if you have to pay one dollar for a minute, then you may have to pay .75 dollars for a minute after a thousand minutes.


5. Scalability for AWS

Scalability is an important fact in Amazon web services (AWS). Assume that your application is sometimes overloaded and sometimes under load. How do you solve this problem with scalability? For this type of problem you want Auto Scaling Module which will increase the server if your application is overloaded and if the load is low then the server will be reduced.

If you need extra memory, it will automatically increase or add memory and remove it when needed. This type of module is Scalable Module because you can extend or compress it to any length. And here is another big thing to control these things automatically. And Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a great platform to provide all these services.

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