NU Covid Vaccine Registration: How to Apply, Registration & Download Vaccine Card in Bangladesh 2021-2022

NU Covid Vaccine Registration: How to Apply, Registration & Download Vaccine Card in Bangladesh: Hello friends, today I will show you how to do NU Covid Vaccine Registration, and download Vaccine Card for Bangladesh. And you can see all the processes from here. Register NU Covid Vaccine very easily, and you can apply for any position. For that you have to take a little look here. Then you can do everything very easily. But friends, will I discuss the issues here? You can see that. How to do NU Covid Vaccine Registration? How to apply for vaccine? How do workers apply for the Student Vaccine? Etc. Today I am going to discuss all these processes and show all the tips and tricks. However, NU Covid Vaccine Registration is very easy.

Once you see it, you don’t need to look at it a second time. So let’s start below or we see these tips for NU Covid Vaccine Registration.



NU Covid Vaccine Registration

NU Covid Vaccine Registration

  • First, visit the link
  • Submit your Registration No (1015246834) press Next
  • Second The second step automatic show your name and other information please fill up your Mobile
  • No, National Id (NID), Covid-19 Vaccine was taken and Residential status
  • Now you submit your Application


How to Anyone Covid Vaccine Registration

Here are some easy steps to follow for anyone to apply for the Covid vaccine. Then you can do Covid Vaccine Registration.

1. NU Covid Vaccine Registration 5First you have to download Surokka apps.

  • If you have Surokka apps on your phone, there is no need to download. And if it is not installed, then download and install it.

2. NU Covid Vaccine Registration 67Open the Surokka app and click on the “Covid-19 vaccine registration” option.

  • Whenever you download and install this app, then you enter this app to register for vaccine. Then in the first part you select. Or the first option you see, click on it.

3. NU Covid Vaccine RegistrationIn the “Select Type” option, select the position for which you will register here.

  • After you click here to register for Covid-19 vaccine, you will see many options like “Select Type” option, see below. And that’s the category you fall into. Select with that category. Then this step will be completed.

4. Now enter “NID Number”.

  • Whenever you go to the bottom option after completing the above steps, you have to enter your voter card number here. This means “NID Number”.

5. Then enter your “DATE ​​of Birth” according to the NID Card

  • When you see the next step Date of Birth. Enter your voter card number here. There will be no mistake in that. If the opposite is not possible to enter.

6. Then click on the “Verify” green button.

  • After doing the above you just enter by clicking on the “Verify” option or the green button.

7. Then you select the district, upazila, village, word number, and health complex and verify with the phone number.

8. Then all your work will be solved, and your registration will be verified.

Note: This makes it easy for anyone to register and apply for the Covid vaccine. All of you can apply, but must be 18+ years of age.



NU Covid Registration BD 2022 – NU BD Student covid Info College.

National University Corona Vaccine Registration Data Entry Application 2021 new notice published at Now you can covid-19 the vaccine registration form online. All of you covid 19 test online registration from Bangladesh. So don`t mistake the notice of NU Students covid-19 vaccine registration form. Today I explain your covid-19 vaccine registration form pdf and others information.


How To Apply?

If you would like to complete the COVID vaccine registration process by following this link, you must complete the steps described below:

  • First, you must visit the link and open the website.
  • Then, you need to enter your registration number from your registration card.
  • Now, you need to type your NID number, mobile number and other necessary information.
  • After all, you need to click the submit button to submit your application.
  • Finally, you need to download and print the letter of acceptance.


NU Vaccine Registration 

NU Vaccine Registration is underway online. Students are not regular students or non-regular students, everyone can apply for registration through the official website online. Vaccine registration is also available for the teaching staff of the National University.

You do not follow the official website or the NU Kavid Vaccine Registration App to complete your registration;

You need to follow a few steps and instructions. Students need some documents to complete the registration process properly. These documents are: National Identity Card Number (NID) Registration Number Mobile Number Student Name and other details such as Date of Birth, College or Institution Name etc.

You all need to remember that you do not have NID number. If so, you will not be able to complete the vaccine registration.

If you do not have an NID number, you will later receive a notice from the authorities detailing everything you need to do.


NU Student COVID Registration

We hope you already understand what you need to do about your NU Student COVID registration and other processes. Since the matter is very serious, you should not take it. You should prepare yourself for the vaccine and protect yourself from the threat of this epidemic. Although there are many rumors about quid vaccines, UNU students should not be confused by these rumors. To complete the authentic information and registration, you need to visit the official website or the NU Kavid Vaccine Registration Application.


How To Get Coronavirus Vaccine After Covid Registration On NU Website?

We know that almost all universities have collected data from their students for the NU covid vaccine. Similarly, the National University is currently collecting information from students of all the educational institutions associated with them. National University or College authorities will not vaccinate any student after registration for the NU Covid-19 vaccine. Because the coronavirus vaccine is officially given through the Surokha website or app. So all NU students need to re-register for the covid vaccine using their address through the “Surokkha” website or app.


When Will NU Students Get The Covid Vaccine?

National University authorities are collecting student information (mobile number and national identity card number) through the Covid-19 registration process. This activity will continue till July 12, after which the National University authorities will submit the information of all these students in the Surokha portal. All National University students will then be able to make a final application for the covid vaccine.


How Will NU Students Apply For The Covid Vaccine?

A few days ago, the Surokkha website added an option for university students to apply for vaccinations. NU students will be able to apply for the covid vaccine after submitting the preliminary information to the Surokha portal. Will have to wait a long time.


NU Covid Registration 2021

There are about 2254 colleges under the National University. All these colleges have a total of 20 Lakh students. All educational institutions in the country are closed for the Covid-19 epidemic. In this situation, along with other universities, the National University is trying to find a way to restart the educational institutions by tackling this problem. Moreover, the Bangladesh government has allocated a large amount of money in the current budget for education and medical sector, especially for Covid vaccine. Therefore, after confirming the Covid vaccine to the students of all the colleges affiliated to the National University, the authorities have decided to start educational activities.


Where To Get The NU Coronavirus Vaccine?

The good news for students is that students can choose the center of their choice for vaccination. When applying for the coronavirus vaccine, you will be asked for some personal information such as mobile number, health information, occupation, current address and vaccination center. In this case everyone can get the vaccine from the nearest community hospital. You do not have to go to college or university to get vaccinated.


NU Covid Vaccine Registration Notice

According to the notice, In order to prevent the spread of the global epidemic Covid-19 and to avoid health risks, the students studying in all the colleges or educational institutions affiliated to the National University can fill up the given table at Must be submitted by 12…



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