How to REFRESH OUTLOOK in Your INBOX: How to refresh OUTLOOK your inbox to a default time. for example if you want to send and receive to be enabled every five minutes or every ten minutes. You can’t get that enabled in your Outlook. so that you don’t delay on the emails. What you are supposed to receive so in order to get that enabled in order to enable auto refresh Inbox of your outlook. what you will have to do is you will have to click on send and receive tab. at the top left corner of your screen. click on the drop down will say send and receive groups.  click on the option, which says define send and receive groups .

Now here you will see an option. which says all accounts. so in this option which say setting for group all accounts. so what you will have to do is you will have to check the box. which say scheduled and automatic send and receive every by default. it is every 30 minutes. if you want to reduce. it you can set it to 5 minutes. that’s the recommended time what you said.
Because in case. if you try to reduce it less than 5 minutes. there are chances that the duplicate emails will be downloaded and then outlook is offline. you can also schedule an automatic send and receive every 5 minutes here. so you can set it to 5 . so what will happen is once you said this as a 5 minutes every 5 minutes. Your outlook will try to connect your email server and try to fetch emails.

What are available on the server. so every fibrous your outlook inbox will be refreshed. so this is how you can go ahead and refresh or auto refresh your inbox and outlook.




If you’ve ever used Microsoft Office Outlook as a PC email client, you may have noticed some delays in refreshing your inbox. Incoming mail takes a little longer to arrive than webmail services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail and usually. Whenever a new email hits your mailbox, they usually update your inbox folder entries.


How to Outlook Inbox in the window Auto-update DATE?

  1. Open Outlook and press the send.
  2. Receive button.
  3. Click the Send.
  4. Receive Groups drop-down box and select Define Send.
  5. Receive Groups.
  6. Under All Accounts, click on each automatic send.
  7. Receive schedule.
  8. Change the value of the minute to less than 30.


Note that setting this value to less than 5 minutes can lead to duplicate entries in your inbox.

How to Close after changing dialog box?


Now your Outlook Inbox will be refreshed automatically every 10 minutes.
  • Increase the refresh rate of all your inboxes.
  • In the group sending / receiving conversations (steps to open it have already been explained),
  • go to “Settings for all group accounts”
  • And then set an automatic .. value for the required refresh rate.
  • Again – be aware that too frequent updates can lead to duplicate Outlook email entries; Which is usually time consuming to fix.


How to Automatically update Outlook Calendar?


To make sure your Outlook Calendar is always up to date, proceed as follows:
  • Click the Edit button to send / receive groups.
  • Then on the left, make sure your email account is marked.
  • Then make sure your Calendar folder is marked under Folder Options.
  • Hit application
  • Auto-update your Outlook global address / contact list
  • Just like the one above, just make sure the Contacts folder is marked for automatic sync.

Outlook inbox auto-update on Windows

  • Open Outlook, and hit the Send/Receive button.
    Click on Send/Receive Groups drop down box and Select Define Send/Receive Groups.
  • Under All Accounts, Click on Schedule an Automatic Send/Receive every.
    Change the Minutes value from 30 to a smaller number. Note that setting this value to less than 5 min might lead to duplicate entries in your inbox.
  • After changing Close the Dialog box.
    Now your Outlook inbox will automatically refresh every 10 minutes.


How to Increasing the refresh rate of all your Inboxes?



  • In the Send/Receive Groups dialog (steps to open it explained beforehand), go to “Setting for group All Accounts“
  • And then set the Schedule an automatic.. value to the required refresh rate. Again – beware the fact that too frequent updates could lead to duplicated Outlook email entries; which are generally time consuming to fix.

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