5 Ways How to Hack Wifi Password and Use Free (with screenshot)

How to Hack Wifi Password: Most of us have a lot of curiosity about Wi-Fi hacking. Uff has hacked another’s Wi-Fi. But why can’t I? From now on, you don’t have to regret seeing others. You can hack any Wi-Fi yourself.


We need some things to hack Wi-Fi.

The first is that the Wi-Fi that you will hack will need the Wi-Fi that is connected to the mobile. Because Wi-Fi is a local area network.

It cannot be accessed from anywhere. So you need a Wi-Fi connected mobile. One thing I would say is that the way I show Wi-Fi hacking will work in many cases.

After taking the Wi-Fi connected mobile, you need to know the IP address of Wi-Fi. In most cases the IP address of Wi-Fi is


1. Still go to Wi-Fi option from settings to be sure.


2. Once there, click on the Wi-Fi Connect. You will see after clicking. There is an option called IP address. And there’s the IP address, memorize it.


3. Now go to any browser and type it and search. After searching, you will see such an interface. Or it could be a little different, that’s not a problem. Here you will see a login form. There are two boxes.




4. Type admin in the first box and admin in the second box. Now click on login. If you are lucky then it will be logged in. It works in most cases. So you can try.

5. If logged in, you will enter the admin panel of WiFi. And you can change anything from there.


6. Click on the wireless option in the menu to see the WiFi password.

7. Now click on the password box and you will see the Objective password.

This way you can hack any Wi-Fi.


How to Hack wiFi Password From Android


If you want to hack wifi with android phone, then you have all these tips and tricks for you. You can easily hack wifi using android phone. But you have to have WiFi around. If somewhere far away. So I don’t think it would be possible to hack it out of range. It is important to be around as much as possible. So let’s see how to hack wifi. This topic will be discussed in detail.


All you need to hack WiFi Password (materials).


  • 1 Android phone
  • 1 free app





The name of the app is Swift wifi. The app has been downloaded 50 million + times from the Play Store. Rating 4.2 Although there are some negative comments in the name of the app, there are a lot of positive comments. Which is necessary for you.


How to Hack WiFi Password For Android


1. First, install the app at your own risk from the Play Store.

2. Now turn on the phone’s net connection + WiFi + GPS.
See, my WiFi has only 1 WiFi [ZAHID HASSAN (Secured with WPA2 WPS available)]. But locked. We will hack this wifi network.

3. Now enter the Swift wifi app.

4. Now you will see that there are 3 options under WIFI option.

Wi Free WiFi

• Open Wifi

• Password required


5. Here just below Free WiFi if any WiFi network shows. But you can only hack that WiFi. Others cannot be hacked with this app. So ZAHID HASSAN is doing wifi t show here. Now to connect this wifi t.

6. Just click on ZAHID HASSAN WiFi and the automatic wifi will be connected


So you can try it ..


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How to Protect Yourself from Wifi Password hacking?

Wifi hacking is usually possible by Brute-force to find an 8 digit pin. Moreover, it is not possible. So you have to do some work to prevent wifi hacking, so first I will give a short description.


1. We will hide the wifi ssid so no one can find wifi. However, even if the hacker knows your ssid, come to the second step.

2. Then we will disable the wps pin. If you disable wps pin, you can give brute-force attack through HACKING DEVICE.

Can you tell me what to do?

The answer is to create a new wps pin and start it with 7, 8, 9. Then it will take 1-3 years to get the wps pin brute-force out. And no one will wait 1-3 years to connect to a wifi.

So I tell everyone, if you do these things, no one will be able to hack your wifi.


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