How to Add a New Folder in Gmail 2021

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

Today I’m going to talk to you about something you don’t know. That’s how to add a new folder to Gmail. And today’s detailed discussion about that tropic. So let’s see how to add a new folder in Gmail account.


In general, we know that opening a Gmail account is a means of exchanging information with anyone. But today I’m going to teach you How to Add a New Folder in Gmail, how to protect your privacy by adding your private location or folder to Gmail’s data exchange. Then it remains to be seen if you are going to learn a new method, which will benefit you. And you can easily open a Gmail account and add your new folder.

Gmail and Folder

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

Gmail is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Because if you’ve ever used a smartphone, you know how important Gmail is to you. 

In today’s social platform, we need a Gmail account. And Gmail means you don’t have to be an identity. Where is your house? And for that we need Gmail.

So you know or we are all familiar with this email service but many of us don’t know how to create or add a new folder to keep something private in our Gmail account. And so I came to show you the easy steps so that you can add new folders to your Gmail account by following the steps from different devices.

How to add a new folder in Gmail?

If you do not have an account in Gmail, then the link will be given below, click on that link to create an account. Then when you login to the account, you will see that there are many options, which you can use yourself.

However, your purpose is to add or create a new folder, and you can keep any document there. So we will first go to the Gmail account to create a folder. 

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

step-1.Gmail Account Login And Singup

step-2. Then we will see an option called “Create New Label” on the left and if we click there.

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

step-3. Then a pop up will come. And there you will save the name of the folder as Just Click. Click on the Save option with that name.

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

Now it’s time to add a folder to your Gmail account. Now we will know how to create folders in gmail on android phone.


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How to Create Folders in Gmail on Android Phone?

We have to do it the way we are doing in the desktop version. But here we have to follow a little different kind of step how to create folders in gmail on android phone. Then let’s create a folder on the Android phone by following the image below Gmail account.

When you login to your Gmail account, you will see many folders, where the name is written, you can understand if you are on the side of the image. So now our goal is to make the journey a success

1. After you go to the Gmail account, you can see the three pull marks above, click there.

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

2. Then you see many options of Gmail account, now your job is to get out of the middle of this option Create new labels.

4. Then when you click on the new label you will see a popup in front of you. And in this popup you write to add a folder of any name.

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

5. When you type then you click on the save button. And here your folder has been added to your Gmail.

And this way you can add a new folder to your Gmail account. Hope you understand. If you do not understand, please comment. I will do my best to help you with the right information. And now we know how to move emails to a folder in gmail. Then look at the image below.

How to Move Emails to a Folder in Gmail? 

How to move emails to a Gmail folder on your computer, now you can easily move your data to the Gmail folder by following the simple procedure. And that’s why you can go to your desktop and see if you go there.

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

Then you drop the mob to click, then you will see a few folders in front of you. And from there you select your folder. Then enter and you will see that all the information that you took in Move to has moved to that folder.


How to Move Emails to a Folder in Gmail Android?

How to Move Emails to a Folder in Gmail Android on your Android mobile. So if you want to do this, first you have to look at the image and if you do it seam to seam, I hope you will be successful. How to Move Emails to a Folder in Gmail Android. Then take a look at the image.

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

You don’t understand what you see. Then listen to the way you can do the same on the desktop as you can on the mobile or Android device. The reason is that if you use Android then go to Google order, and there you can easily switch to desktop mode. Then it will be done.

How to create a label in Gmail using a computer?

1. Open Gmail on your browser of choice on your PC or Mac computer. Make sure you’re signed into your Google account.
2. Click the gear icon in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.
3. Click “Settings.” Open your Gmail settings. 
4. Click the second tab at the top of the page called “Labels.”
5. Scroll down until you find the “Labels” subsection.
6. Click the small white “Create new label” button.
7. This will open a pop-up. Enter a label name, and if you’d like to nest the label under an already existing one — this is like creating a subfolder, or a folder inside of a folder. If you would like to nest it, check the box next to it and choose a parent label from the dropdown menu.
8. Click the blue “Create” button when you’re done.

How to Change Your Gmail Password


In that case you just have to click on Forgotten password. When you click on Forgotten password to change your Gmail password. Then you will see another page will open.

Then you can see this page is opening, now all you have to do.

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

On the page you see at the top, put the Gmail email that you want to enter to change your Gmail account password. Then go to the next step by clicking the Next button.

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

Then just put the name you used to open the Gmail account on the page you came to. Then your job is to click on the Next button.

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail

Enter The Last Gmail Password:

If you look at the image above, you must understand that here you are talking about the last previous password to change the password. If you know your previous password, you can put it here. Otherwise you can see another option in the image below by clicking on the Next button.

Do You Have Your Phone?

Notice in this image what you see here. Of course, I want to tell you about the Gmail password change. The image above tells you whether your phone is by your side or not. If so, this option would be your job. Clicking on the Yes button gives you a code that you have to click to match your phone.

Otherwise you can click on Try another Way. Then you will see a page like the image below.

How to Add a New Folder in Gmail


Confirm The Phone Number that you provided in security settings?

If you have seen the image above, now if the phone number is linked to your Gmail account, then you put your number in this box and click on the Next button. Then an OTP CoDe will appear on your phone number, which will look exactly like this page.

Confirm to change your Gmail password: 

All you have to do is put the code here. Then click on your Next button and you will be taken to the New Password page. There you can enter the new password and click on the Next button. Here’s how to change your Gmail account password easily.

How To Transfer Gmail Data from iphone

One of the annoying aspects of a change phone is that it specifies how each of your data is transferred to your new device (how to transfer data from iPhone to Android). In recent times, this has meant manually typing countless names and phone numbers.


Today, our smartphones will do most of our work. This guide shows you ways to transfer contacts from iOS to Mechanical Man and vice versa, so that you can move between platforms without problems. Your best bet? Google Data Communications and Apple’s iCloud.

Google – You’re looking for one for your Golem smartphone anyway. Login to Google Contacts in your browser before you even beat your new Golem phone. At the bottom left you must see an Import Contacts … Preferences.


Then click, then select File, and navigate to the vCard you just saved from iCloud. “” Data-reactid = “47” style = “margin-bottom: 15px; vertical-aligned: baseline; (119, 119, 119); font-family: “open =” “sans”, = “” sans-serif; = “” font-size: = “” 15px; “=” “> First, you have a Google Account If you don’t have a Google Account, sign up for one with Google Quick – you’ll want one for your Golem smartphone anyway. Contacts. At the bottom left you must see an imported contacts …

Preferences. Then click, then Opt for the file, and you simply navigate to the stored wicard from iCloud…

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