Fleet Tracking Solutions – 5 Apps To Track Your Friends & Family with GPS

Are you looking for an app to track your friends or other family members? If you are looking for an Android app to keep an eye on your loved one or someone else, then today’s article is for you. You need to check out these location recognition apps today to keep an eye on your loved ones.

Do you want an app to track or locate your friends and family? Although it sounds scary to track someone, most people nowadays share their own position on various social media. If you have no qualms about sharing your current location on social media, then surely these apps will not hurt you either. However, this topic we will discuss a little more later.

If you want to find out the best Location-finding app, GPS tracking app and ways to find your friends, be sure to read this article carefully today.


What is Fleet Tracking?


Fleet tracking is a management system that uses GPS tracking to monitor the activity of fleet vehicles and resources (e.g., workers, equipment). This is often referred to as vehicle tracking or AVL. A fleet is usually a collection of land-based resources, such as cars, trucks, field workers and powered or powerless equipment (e.g., trailers).


GPS Fleet Tracking uses telematics technology to collect information from fleet vehicles and resources. Using a GPS tracking device connected to the vehicle’s OBD port, this data is usually collected (actively) in near real time, so it is more useful for fleet managers and business owners. Those who can use the data to make strategic decisions about operations (e.g., which car should I send to the new job? Where is the nearest crane? How many generators are there in our yard? Has my lone worker returned from the job site?)

Best fleet management and GPS tracking

Whether it’s customizable apps or keeping your costs low, here are our best picks for real-time visibility and GPS tracking of your fleet. We update you this list regularly so you know, stay connected and have GPS-tracking in your fleet!


What is Fleet Management?

In short, fleet management consists of commercial vehicles to carry out their responsibilities.

Fleet management is a process that fleet managers use to manage all fleet and asset information from acquisition to disposal. This enables companies to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance throughout the entire fleet operation.


What is the purpose of fleet management?

Any company that uses vehicles in its business must have some kind of professional fleet management. It ensures control of commercial vehicles while reducing associated risks, increasing efficiency and productivity, and ensuring compliance with the law.

With the myriad challenges – vehicle acquisition, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, health and safety and compliance – therefore, fleet management needs to rely on an efficient fleet management system to achieve its goals and limit the complexity involved with common challenges. So, without any hassle, here is a list of the top 11 of our fleet tracking software.


Advantages of Fleet Tracking System


An effective fleet tracking solution can help improve:

  • Engine Driving habits that reduce engine idle time and harsh cornering
  • Reduce fuel consumption and fuel consumption and costs
  • Delivery and customer satisfaction
  • F comply with FMCSA regulations such as service hours (HOS) and ELD mandates
  • Fleet maintenance costs by tracking vehicle vehicle diagnostic data

Fleet Tracking Solutions

The fleet Tracking Solution is: in our case it is superfluous to know, because this service is run by the government. So if you want to do fleet tracking, you need to buy a GPS. Which you have to set up on your phone or PC. Then you can see for yourself the texture of your car etc.

You can follow different websites for fleet tracking. Many websites offer free services, while many websites offer paid promotion services. Then you can see all the details from that website.

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5 Apps To Track Your Friends & Family with GPS


If you want to find out the best Location-finding app, GPS tracking app and ways to find your friends, be sure to read this article carefully today.

Let me tell you something before I start. You might have a different idea about tracking by looking at the title. Here you can’t track someone without the permission of law enforcement. With the apps shown below, you can only track the person who will allow you to track them, or the person you allow. Let’s take a look at those apps.


1. Glympse


Over time, the Glympse app has become a very popular location finder app in the Play Store. With that app you will be able to share your GPS location with your friends or family and colleagues very easily and very quickly.

The best feature of this app is that if you share location with someone through this app, there is no need for the other person to sign up for the app. In this case, the person on the other end should only be connected to the Internet. This means that the person on the other end does not need to install the Glympse app on his mobile. That feature sets Glympse apart from location sharing on WhatsApp and Google Maps, and that’s really awesome.

The Glympse app also has some security features. If you share location with someone through this app, it will automatically shut down after a certain period of time. In this case you will not have any risk, no one will let you see your location for a long time. If you want to share your live location with a friend, you can use the Glympse app.

With this app, if you share your live location with a friend, that friend will know your current location, and the person on the other end will be able to see your live location by the time you set it. This app works best when you travel somewhere.

In this case, you can share your live location with a friend or family member. In this case, when you are in the place, they will be able to find out your live location without contacting you from your family. That thing is really awesome.

Glympse Official Download 


2. Family Locator

Family Locator is one of the best apps on today’s list. With this app you can always monitor your kids. In this case, those who have small children, they can always use it to monitor or know the location of their children.

Anyone else in your family can use this app to see their real time location. There is also a built-in messaging feature to communicate with other users through this app and through which it is possible to send a special message to someone.

This app is most important because it works for your child’s safety. Because the Family Locator app has SOS or Save Our Souls buttons for parents. In this case, when this button is pressed, it will quickly mark your child’s location on the map.

This facility can be used for family trips to large public places, where your children can hang out on their own. In this case, you can easily find your child’s live location through this feature.


Another interesting feature of this app is that parents can set notifications to get alerts about their child’s activities. So that her child will receive a warning or notification after reaching a certain destination.


In this case, if his child attends school, or attends home, a notification will be sent to the parent’s mobile after arriving at that location. Safe places can also be selected through this app, in which case when the child crosses that boundary, his parents will receive a warning.


For example, if you share a link to a live location with Glympse, you can see the person from the other end, and in this case, the person on the other end does not have to install the Glympse app. But if you want to track your child through this app, you must have the Family Locator app installed on your mobile.

Family Locator

Official Download @Family Locator


3. A-GPS Tracker


Although such apps are primarily used to monitor your child. However, these apps can be used by anyone who travels to different places or often goes to an unfamiliar place. Especially, those of us who go somewhere often on long trips, who take walks and have to go to many unfamiliar places for different needs.

When traveling long distances to unfamiliar places, for some reason it can be dangerous for you. For example, if the weather in that area suddenly changes, you may be in danger. In this case, if you install the A-GPS Tracker app on your device before you go there, you can get a warning message in advance.

The developers of this app have created maps inside the app keeping in mind the long journeys. This app provides a measure of the altitude of your current location, the coordinate degree of latitude and longitude of your location, and the UTM-WSG84 or Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system. You can also load other users’ specified routes and set alarms with this app. In this case, if you move away from your destination where you are supposed to stop, the alarm will sound if you cross it.

A-GPS Tracker

Official Download @ A-GPS Tracker


4. Geo Tracker


Like Geo Tracker and all other GPS tracking apps, you can consider this app from among those apps. This app is similar to A-GPS Tracker app. It was originally designed for people who spend time in the desert or in open spaces, but it can also work in any environment.

This app will locate your location on the map, as well as provide you with additional information such as your speed, altitude, vertical distance (for ascent and descent), inclination of the slope. With this app you can save all the tracking to your mobile in GPX and KML format and later you can open them with Google earth and Ozi Explorer app.

One of the tasks of this app is to measure your distance while traveling. With this app you can calculate your travel very finely. By turning on this map, when you travel somewhere, a map of your travels will appear on the map and you can see how far you have traveled. After that you can save that information in the memory of your mobile and share it with anyone you want.

Other features of this app include, this app supports Yandex Maps. If you live in a country where Yandex Maps is more advanced than Google Maps, such as Russia. In this case, using Yandex Maps can add a more interesting dimension to your travels.

Most importantly, with this app you can share your location with your friends and family.

Geo Tracker

  1. Official Download @ Geo Tracker


5. Google Maps


Did you know that you can use Google Maps to track your friends and family members? Like everyone else, you may have used Google Maps from the beginning. But what you don’t know yet is that you can track a person using Google Maps. Many of you may know the process of tracking a person using Google Maps. But for those who don’t know yet, let me tell you that you can track a person using Google Maps.


The process of tracking a person through Google Maps depends largely on sharing your location, so in some cases this may not be the best option for you. However, Google Maps may be best for you to share your current location with someone or view someone else’s live location.

If you want to know how to share your location with your friends through Google Maps, follow the instructions below.

1. To do this, you first need to go to the Google Maps app on your mobile. Then you have to click on your profile icon from the top, as you can see in the second image below.


2. Now you will get an option called Location sharing and you will click here.


3. Then you will see a page like below and from where you will click to write Share location.


4. Now the person to whom you will share your location, how long he will be able to see your live location, set it from here. You can find the (+) and (-) buttons here to set the time. From here you can make 15 minutes as the minimum time. Once you have set the time, share the link by clicking on the medium you want to share the link with.


5. After that you will see again like the image below, from where you will go to the next step by clicking on Share again and share to that person.


6. If a person shares a link to view your live location, you’ll see it as it goes down the map. After clicking here, you will get the option to share that link with other people and you can also close the functionality of that link from here. Use the Copy link to share your location with more people, and click Stop to turn off that link.


In this way, if one person shares a link to your live location, the person on the other end will be able to see your location from their mobile. In this case, if you move from one location to another while the link is functional, the person will still be able to see your location. In other words, the person will be able to see your live location while the link is valid. In particular, you can use this feature when traveling anywhere. In this case, you can share the link of your live location with your family and friends, so that they do not contact you and find out about your current location. 

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