How to Check Motorcycle Number Plate In Bangladesh

How to Check Motorcycle Number Plate In Bangladesh


There are many of us who want to check the number plate of the motorcycle, so that we want to know the details about whether the motorcycle number plate used is actually correct.

In other words, if you want to know whether the number plate used for your motorcycle is registered by BRTA, then you must check the motorcycle number plate.

If you don’t check the number plate, you may not be aware that it is actually regulated by the BRTA and is actually considered a valid motorcycle.

Otherwise, if you do not check the motorcycle number plate, you may face a lawsuit for using an illegal vehicle. Which you will never want.

Today’s article will discuss how you can easily check the number plate of a motorcycle at home if you want. So let’s start this article without delay.


Why check motorcycle number plate?

There are many reasons to check the number plate of a motorcycle.

One of the notable reasons is that you want to see if your motorcycle number plate is actually registered by BRTA and when it expires.

If your number vehicle is not registered with the BRTA, then this motorcycle of yours will not be considered as a valid motorcycle.

In this case, you can fall into a variety of problems. So to avoid all the problems, it would be best for you to have the number plate of the motorcycle you have purchased, by checking that number plate in advance.


How to check the number plate of the motorcycle?


If you want to check whether the number plate used on your motorcycle is fake or valid, you can take the help of the Traffic Control Department of Bangladesh.

In other words, you can go to the website of BRTA and easily check if the template you are using is valid.

To do this, first visit the following link and then continue working as per the instructions I have shown.

Click Here

If you have already created an account for this website, you can login by clicking on the Login button.

However, if the account is not created, you can create a new account by clicking on the option called ‘Create Account’.

Before creating an account, you must provide the name and other information on your ID card, that is, the name of your National ID card.

You also need to enter the correct name of the district and upazila that you have.

Once the account creation is complete, a confirmation mail will be sent to your e-mail address. Activate your account by clicking on this confirmation mail.

Once the account registration is done, you can easily login to the account if you want, log in to the account after the registration is done.

In case of login, a confirmation message will be sent to the phone number that you have given. Put the message and then the login work will be completed.


When you enter the one time password in your SIM, you can login to the account again with your login information.

Since you want to check the number plate of your registered vehicle after logging in to the account, click on the second option here.

Whenever you click on the second place here, you will find options like writing your registration number and chassis number here.

Put the last four digits of your car registration number plate and the last four digits of your chassis number here.

Once you have entered all of this information correctly and then clicked the Next button, you will be able to see if the number plate of the motorcycle you provided is valid.

If it is valid, you can see the date it has expired. Otherwise it will show that this number plate was not found.

And this way, if you want, you can easily check the existing number plate of your motorcycle through the official website of BRTA.

After checking the number plate, if it is valid, you can drive a motor vehicle safely. In this case you will not need any kind of jail, fine.

So after installing any number plate, it is necessary to know whether it is actually registered by BRTA.

And in the above mentioned way you can easily check if the number plate number of the motorcycle registered by BRTA is valid.



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