Best Romantic Book A Girl Named Willow Krimble

A Girl Named Willow Krimble

 A Girl Named Willow

A Girl Named Willow krimble

So, you’ve simply discovered that the one who has tormented, mocked and humiliated you for the past 3 years is lying within the college automobile parking space, hurt internally from successful and run accident. nobody else is around and you wish to induce to a life-or-death family emergency of your own before it’s too late. What would you do? Ohio, did I mention you have got the key ability to heal others simply by touching them? this is often only 1 of the numerous things 13-year-old Willow Krimble should face during this internet Novel, a lady Named Willow Krimble.

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Willow lives along with her mother and older brother, Wyatt; she loves hanging out along with her relief, the feisty and mo audacious Razzes Fiona, and she or he incorporates a shut relationship along with her grannies. appears pretty traditional, right? it’d be if the 2 most well-liked women in secondary school, Shayla Stergus and Snella Burenbine, didn’t taunt and cue her, on a each day, that she was born while not her left leg.

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Forced to maneuver through obstacles most teenagers wouldn’t have to be compelled to tackle, Willow is suddenly blessed (or cursed?) with the weird power to heal others through bit. Ever altruistic , Willow’s need to assist the abraded and sick thrusts her into a world wherever she is given large responsibility, golf shot the requirements of others before her own, all the whereas making an attempt to keep up her secret.

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Willow’s adolescent journey takes her through associate emotional cyclone wherever she finds joy and purpose in serving to an array of patients from an previous man with Alzheimer’s to a mauled animal during a pet store. however Willow shortly finds out there are limitations to her ability and, regardless of however exhausting she would possibly attempt, she cannot save everybody.

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Through the intermingling of joy and pain, Willow is repeatedly tested to find simply however sturdy she will be, however sturdy she has been her entire life, and the way everybody possesses the power to impact another person’s world, with or while not a secret power.

“A woman Named Willow Krimble” is additionally obtainable to browse on-line at the author’s web site completely free.



Willow lives with his mother and older brother; He likes to hang out with his best friend, the sarcastic and sarcastic Razzel Fiora, and has a close relationship with his grandmother. Sounds pretty normal, doesn’t it? It could be if the two most popular girls in middle school, Shayla Stergas and Snela Burenbain, make fun of him every day and don’t remind him that he was born without his left leg.


While most adolescents are not forced to move tactfully through obstacles, Willow is suddenly blessed (or cursed?) With an unusual ability to heal others through touch. Always selfless, Willow’s desire to help the wounded and sick brings him into a world where he is given immense responsibility, putting the needs of others before his own, always trying to maintain his privacy.


Willow’s adolescent journey takes him through an emotional whirlwind where he finds joy and purpose in helping, from an elderly man with Alzheimer’s disease to an animal in a pet store. But Willow soon learns that he has limitations and that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t save everyone.


Through a combination of joy and pain, Willow is repeatedly tested on how strong he can be, how powerful he has been all his life, and how everyone has the ability to influence another person’s world with or without a secret power. from




** Note: There are some small spoilers in front. There’s nothing that takes the whole book away, but there are some things I really couldn’t leave out while writing this review **

This is a very enjoyable middle class book, which the author was nice enough to send me. Anyone can read it for free online at the Willow Crimble website, but there’s something about holding a book that really helps me get into the story. So, directly, thanks to Giuseppe Bianco for sending me a copy of this great book!


Towards the story- there’s so much going on here that I love that it’s hard to know where to start. At the center of the story is Willow Crimble, but also an indomitable eighth grader with a beautiful life, a great family and a great best friend named Razzel. Life is not as simple as it seems. Willow Ordinary teenagers boys who hate you.


But maybe really like you that means girls take advantage of the school and rape you, and that family problems and the loss of a parent can cause heartache. He also has some matching problems. For one, he has only one leg and this makes him the target of jokes and sometimes even his self-conscious.


He sees himself working with a mysterious skill, which can be seen as a blessing or a curse, the ability to heal people just by touching them. Yet, where other people can be victims, I never think Willow was. She was chosen by the average girl at her school, but she never broke down.


He could have avoided using his skills, but instead he took some advice from his church in Eden and decided to take it and change the lives of those who could.


Even his worst enemy, who was once a friend. I liked it about Willow. He was a strong, independent, well-adjusted kid who was loyal to his friends and who would do anything to help someone in need, including paralyzing some imaginary bats for a patient in the hospital.


Willow was not the only great character at work here. Razzel was his best friend always ready to defend him against bullies, and beyond that, Razzel was ready to defend anyone he saw. People are good at keeping people out, even if they sometimes have a little trouble controlling their anger. Even Shaila, a member of the average girls cycle, is not a dimensional one.


As the story progresses we see how and why he ended up, and we try to find a way to get him back to a better place. Snela, Grandma Thirty, Vayat, Parents (whom I will talk about in a minute) Mrs. Protes and Tristan are all characters who directly affect Willow in one way or another and despite being secondary players they are all given a chance to fully develop. It’s really great to see, every character is there for a reason, even if it’s for a few passages here and there.


Now for the parents. Anyone who has read this blog, you already know that I have a hang up about parents in YA and middle class books. I hate the way bad parents, missing parents and the leading lady are used to being treated and she needs to be rescued by some mysterious, magical boy.


I was so happy we didn’t see it here! Here we see some absolutely amazing parents who are involved and involved with their kids, even trying to hold a job and put food on the table. Mrs. Crimble is busy being the single mother of two teenagers. She’s busy, she’s overworked and I’m sure she’s missing her husband.


Still, he spends time with his children, is ready to help them when they need it, and pays close attention when things go wrong. So. Refresh. On the other hand, Mr. Crimson is not around. He was absent after dying of leukemia a few years ago because his daughter found herself struggling with her new abilities. Bianco still amazes to feel his presence through flashbacks several times.


We saw him on Willow’s birthday, 6 years ago, already sick and trying to get something off with his daughter. He knows he won’t live long, and he wants Willow to know that he loves her and she trusts him. Even if she doesn’t understand it at the time, she knows she has to tell him these things because one day she has to understand that she’s looking at him and is always by his side. I have to admit- I cried a little.

So, in short, Bravo to Bianco for creating a character in Willow that, despite his disability and the teasing he endured, I never regretted, and some great parents and friends tied him up to help him.


This book is full of great messages about being your own, finding great friends and standing by their side, donating yourself to help others and giving people a second chance. This is a book worth reading.

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