Apex Legends – Best place to land at Kings Canyon and World Edge

Apex Legends – Best place to land at Kings Canyon and World Edge


Apex Legends is a great entertainment game.  These Apex Legends games have become very popular in the world.Apex Legend has as much fun as fighting or action,Those who are playing this gamesti are foreign to this subject.So this app has gone viral in the world for a little while.Apex Legends Games was published in 2019.

a group of people in a canyon: Apex Legends Kings Canyon

© Provided by GamesRadar Apex Legends Kings Canyon

The Apex Legend map is the key to your success at the well-known Royal Royale, such as choosing the right place to land at the start of each match. Choose a good location to land on the Apex Legends map and you’ll be able to loot something good before you think about fighting any opponents, if you choose badly you’ll find yourself better called scraps better players will pick you up . Understanding ground level helps you plan where to go next so you don’t just run aimlessly, which is why our Apex Legends map guide covers the best places in both Kings Canyon and World Edge.

Not sure what’s going on? Then catch a quick glimpse here: Apex Legends is a battle royal set in the titan loft universe that originally started slowly in just a few days. Like most Battle Royale games, the concept is familiar: Fight for the last person / team to survive and be a champion, as the safe zone on the map is constantly shrinking, which is why this Apex Legends map guide will be so effective. We will follow Kings Canyon below to the next page World

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Apex Legends map – Kings Canyon Kings Canyon: Relay

a view of a city street

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Located in the northeast corner of the map, the relay often has a strong looting tendency and the dropship does not start right above it, there are usually not many players. The easiest way to do this is to have a place to pick up new weapons and learn everything you need to know when you’re not being shot.

Kings Canyon: Artillery

a close up of a map© Provided by GamesRadar

The relay is found on the west side, the artillery is two huge hangars and a spot of numerous open buildings full of loot. Because it is so close to the edge of the map, it is rarely populated, even though it has enough loot for multiple groups. To the west is a branch-widening tunnel that is adjacent to the supply boxes, and the front gate opens into the natural environment, again without multiple supplies. Artillery can be one of our favorite drops, because there is so much to discover.

Kings Canyon: Supply Ship


At the beginning of the game, there is a mobile supply ship that has reached the map. You can see where it will land and set up shop and it is a place that guarantees a high level of loot every single time. Of course, this means it’s also a popular drop, especially if it gets in the way of dropship. Go here for an intense fight to close the match.

Kings Canyon: Hydro Dam


Hydro Dam is a huge area that is seen as a popular place for a lot of players, as it has got a lot of connections in nearby locations. Landing here for some quick kill, even if you’re trying to avoid the players on the one hand it’s entirely possible to loot on the one hand without seeing the other team.
If you cross the Hydro Dam after the game, keep an eye out for camping in any player corner as there are some tough angles with spectacular lines measuring a few miles.

Kings Canyon: Hot Zone


A random position on the map in each single game will turn into a hot zone indicated by a blue marker. This means that there will be a lot of high quality looting in the area and there is also an opportunity to find fully cat-laden weapons.
Of course, like the supply ship, that means it’s an incredibly popular landing spot. You can find some incredible things here, but be prepared for battle.

Kings Canyon: Market

The market is a very central place on the Apex Legends map, but it is one of the best to land. You may have another team to compete with, but by the time you get inside the indoor market, a lot of loot is usually found.
Fighting inside is strategic, as the two houses on either side are separated by a large open area in the middle. Caustic is a great legend to use here because he can place gas traps in both rooms. When you’re done, there’s a huge cave nearby that has about five supply bins inside, or you can go outside to cluster the house.

Kings Canyon: Bunker

a truck on a city street© Provided by GamesRadar

The bunker doesn’t always have a lot of loot – you’ll probably have to loot outside to get fully licked – but it does allow for the beginning of some incredible drama.
It is basically a long corridor with rooms on both sides, so that players with shotguns and SMGs can illuminate here. Throw grenades and thermites, wait around corners for incredible enemies and this is a great place to kill some early kills.


Apex Legends map – World’s Edge World’s Edge: The Dome

a close up of a fire: (Image credit: Respawn)© Provided by GamesRadar (Image credit: Respawn)

Found at the very bottom of the map, is the dome where you can get high-level loot. This is if you don’t mind looking at a landscape that is full of lava and it is also a major place to go down to enemy parties.
It has got buildings connected to each other by narrow corridors, which can be useful depending on which legend you use. Just don’t fall into the lava, it can hurt you and if the enemy team is already there … but, they don’t need help anymore, do they?

World’s Edge: Lava City

(Image credit: Respawn)© Provided by GamesRadar (Image credit: Respawn)

Keep going north from the Dome and you will come across Lava City. Lava City is smaller than Capital City, and still has cool lava fissures that, thanks to it, can do you no harm, but it has similar buildings with higher levels of loot.
No matter how small the area is, it is a position that can become busy if more than a few enemy squads are present there and due to which looting can be taken quickly. If you have to land there at the last minute, you can handle problems only if you are confident.

World’s Edge: Sorting Factory

(Image credit: Respawn)© Provided by GamesRadar (Image credit: Respawn)

If you follow the train tracks west from Lava City, you and your team will find yourself stumbling across the Sorting Factory. The Sorting Factory area is oval-shaped and also has high-level loot hidden in supply containers scattered throughout the area outside of buildings.


It is a very closed space, with most of the loot found within the lower floors of buildings, or at the top, where they can be found in some very narrow corners. If you want some coverage at the beginning of the map, this location is right for you.

World’s Edge: The Geyser


Located just northeast of the sorting factory, Giza is one of the greenest places in the world. There was no covering outside the attached building that runs in a circular pattern across the entire area. These buildings have a variety of items that can range from medium level to high level.


The cave entrance leads players further north to Capital City and Overlook, perfect for quick exits if needed. One of the main selling points about The Geyser is the huge geyser that can be used as a jump tower. If you plan to go here, you should be aware of your open space, but you should also be aware of the easy exits in that area.

World’s Edge: Fuel Depot


Head north from the pick-up factory and you will be in the fuel depot area. One of the best places to drop in during early games, it only provides medium level items, it has a large area with plenty of supply bins and hidden areas.
It is also far from the train tracks, which some enemy teams often have to see if they can identify enemies as they move. While no region of the World’s Ages is properly ‘safe’, this region is more secure than others.

World’s Edge: The Tree

You may suspect that there is a huge, mushroom-like tree in the tree area and it is found west of Lava City, west of the dome and sorting factory. The main aspect is of course the tree but there are many supply bins scattered under and around it.
There are a few more buildings that are usually connected by narrow corridors that can also hold several high level items. It’s a popular place to land, but if you think you can handle a wave of enemies, we suggest you go there for some great items to speed up the late game.

World’s Edge: Thermal Station

You’re probably thinking to yourself, huh, there’s already a lot of lava on this map. Okay, if you get off the thermal station it’s just going to get hot. Like the dome it is at the bottom of the map, but to the west. The thermal station is located right in the center of the area, a huge, circular structure with a tower that can only receive a few specific characters, like a pathfinder. There is a village nearby, as well as a small bunch of houses and supply bins. This is a high-level area with ten items, making it a popular destination to leave.

World’s Edge: The Trainyard

One of our favorite places at World’s Edge is The Trinidad, just north of Thermal Station. It doesn’t usually have a very high level of loot, but it’s a jungle gym in disguise. What we mean by that is incredibly easy to hide here, which can work both for you and against you, depending on the way the legend you want to play. There are several train cars upstairs that hang up and down one of them (or using a zipline) can guarantee very good loot as well as the advantage of both heights against your enemies. If you can’t handle it, it’s a great idea to get down to one of the warehouses while trying to zigzag around hobby parties.

World’s Edge: Drill Site


The drill site is northeast of the train yard and surrounded by clips to its east. This is a very defensive area with lots of ziplines for high speed legends. However it does not boast a large portion of high-level items and we only recommend going to the drill site if you want to start your game slowly rather than a fierce battle with a few other enemy teams.

World’s Edge: Skyhook


Skyhook is the exact answer to the drill site. Skyhook is a city of its own, as there are many well-known buildings in the area. Most Skyhooks has two ziplines running on each side of a building, which from time to time it.
becomes a nightmare to protect, but this weakness makes it a particularly popular place for expeditions. Skyhook buildings have a fair amount of looting, with and without supplies on and off the roofs.
The items you will find here are almost always rare or epic, meaning if you land here be prepared for the fight of your life. The competition at Skyhook is heated.

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