Best Antivirus | Antimalware | Defender software Download for Windows 10

Best Antivirus | Antimalware | Defender software Download for Windows 10: Today I am going to share with you some popular antivirus. Which you will get for free. You may not get the full premium benefits in the free version. But as much as you get, hopefully, that’s enough for the security of your personal computer.


Best Antivirus Software for windows 10 in 2021

  2. AVG AntiVirus Free
  3. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus
  4. Avira Free Antivirus
  5. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus
  6. Microsoft Security Essentials
  7. Panda Cloud Antivirus
  8. Rising Antivirus
  9. Kingsoft Antivirus
  10. FortiClient



Avast Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


Avast Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


Currently Avast Free Antivirus is very popular. Statistics from CNET’s show that its popularity has surpassed that of AVG and AVIRA antivirus. There are many problems with the free version of other antivirus.

Such as PC slowing down or getting low net speed, or giving very little protection. But Avast is far ahead of other antiviruses. They offer almost all the premium features except Safezone, Firewall and Antispam in their free version. The free version of their website lacks the sandbox feature but in fact they have this feature in the free version as well.

In addition to removing viruses and spyware, we can put Avast on our list of favorites for a variety of other necessary features. Avast Antivirus uses very little memory and comes with additional services like automatic sandbox, scan during booting, remote assistance, annoying browser protection plugins, 6 different practical services and cloud services.

Download avast! Free Antivirus-

Avast Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10



AVG Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10

AVGAntivirusFreeDownloadforWindows 10

AVG Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10

The free version of AVG Antivirus is also a very popular antivirus. Its place after avast. Avg Antivirus has an updated graphical interface, similar to the modern UI of Windows 7. It protects your computer from viruses, malicious emails, web-based attacks and personal information theft. Anti-spam, firewall and performance fix functions are not available in the free version. However, in the phones of usa and uk, these features are also available in the free version.

Download AVG! Free Antivirus- AVG Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10



Ad-Aware Free Download for Windows 10


Ad-Aware Free Download for Windows 10

This is an antivirus suitable for using your computer. It has become a full-fledged antivirus in recent years. Its spyware protection system is very powerful. At first it was not so user friendly though. But better now.


However, most of the advanced protection features are missing in the GUI of the free version. The installation process is quite simple. Because the 6MB size installer automatically installs the latest version of antivirus on the computer. It also has a gaming mode. When playing games on the full screen, any notifications will actually continue on the game’s full screen.

Ad-Aware Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


Avira Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10

Avira Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10

Avira is very good at virus detection. This antivirus tags everything that runs silently on the Windows operating system. After installing Avira, only viruses, trojans, spyware and malware can be used in the free version. However, your personal computer is much safer if you protect the ones that are going to be used.


Avira was No. 1 in the free rankings. But now it has gone to number 4. The reason is that when they install this antivirus, a toolbar of is added to all web browsers. Which is annoying to many users. So their rank is a bit behind. But the thing is good.

 Avira Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


ZoneAlarm Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


ZoneAlarm Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10

Zone Alarm (now owned by Checkpoint), they are well known for their powerful firewall applications. They have added an award-winning antivirus engine by Kaspersky.

As you may not know, Kaspersky has always developed a shareware that can independently detect viruses, and they are at the forefront of this. Although they do not take the first place. We need to thank Zone Alarm for giving us the opportunity to use the Kaspersky engine for free.

Most free antivirus software offers very little efficiency in addition to real time virus detection and protection. But if your computer needs protection from hackers, you need to deal with a really good antivirus engine, identity protection and firewall. And in that case Zone Alarm is a very efficient antivirus.

Zone alarm Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10



Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


I know you may have already guessed that this is a product of Microsoft’s own. Yes it is their product and they have made it free for all Windows users. This antivirus provides real time malware protection.

It also has scheduling scanning. This antivirus is configured in such a way that the user does not feel annoyed with the use of this antivirus. So this antivirus scans when the user does nothing on his PC. It uses a maximum of 50% of the CPU. For compatibility and stability, I suggest using Microsoft Security Essentials.

microsoft security essentials Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10



Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


Panda is the first security company in the cloud. Those are the first to offer cloud-based antivirus. For cloud-based antivirus analysis, only a small amount of data is loaded on the local computer and most of it is in the cloud. So the health of the computer is good. In the free version you will find real-time antivirus, anti-spyware, computer behavior analysis, malicious file detection, process monitoring and web filtering.


It deserves to be number 1 in terms of usability. But when it is installed a toolbar will be installed in your browser which will change your default homepage and search engine. Changing this toolbar can be annoying for many.

Panda cloud Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


Rising Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


Rising Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


This antivirus is made in China. Their claim is that the largest users in their country use this antivirus compared to other antivirus. Their first version was in Chinese. They later added English to the antivirus for international release.

Showing the difference between their free version and paid version, although a chart has been published on their website. In the free version they show various advertisements and news. In addition to their antivirus modules, you can get up to 8 additional security measures to keep your system more secure.

Their unique feature is that by creating the Rising installation package from the Tools tab, you can create your own Rising antivirus installer. Although you may not find all the information updated on their website. However, their antivirus is being updated daily.

Rising Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


Kingsoft Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


Kingsoft Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


King Soft is another Chinese company headquartered in Beijing. They are very famous for the alternative office applications of Microsoft Office. The company has been working with antivirus software for 10 years.

Kingsoft Antivirus is a complete antivirus program capable of scanning and removing viruses from your computer, protecting your web browser, instant messaging, watching videos, downloading files and even USB flash drives. It has anti-hacker module which does not make mistakes like firewall.

Anti-hacker, Remote Access Tool (RAT) provides additional protection against common actions ranging from Trojans, such as secretly launching a webcam and controlling a selected PC. It also has features like Risk Scanner, Scheduler, Process Manager, Silent Mode etc. King Soft has two distros, one cloud based and the other local based.


Although the forum information is a bit misleading, it is known that at least the local version will include the excellent Avira antivirus engine in the upcoming 2013 version.

Kingsoft Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


FortiClient Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


FortiClient Antivirus Free Download for Windows 10


Fortinetclient: An antivirus developed by Fortinet, provides network security. In the free version of FortiClient you will find VPN, Two Factor Authentication, Antivirus, Web Filtering, Web Optimization, Application Firewall, Weakness Scanning and Client Certificate Support.

Overall it is a very good antivirus. Very easy to install and configure. In VB100 test, they have passed 10 out of 11, 1 failed due to positive test. It doesn’t matter if everyone has some bugs. They may have debugged it. Fortinetclient 5.0 runs up to 11 different processes by default.

Download FortiClient Lite 


Latest Article


Which is the best antivirus for Windows 10?


Windows 8 for those who use or have used it. They will see that after installing Windows 8, it will continue to give you a recommendation message to set up an antivirus program. But in case of Windows 8 and 10 you will not get such message.

Because versions 8 and 10 have a built-in antivirus for Windows. Windows Defender is provided. Which Windows 7 you could install separately under the name Microsoft Security Essentials. But is this built-in antivirus reliable?

PC experts often do not use antivirus! Like me! (Lol) Because I know everything about the way antivirus enters the PC and when the virus enters the PC, I can understand that something is wrong with my pc!

But that’s not right, because antivirus is not just used to prevent viruses, you stay smart on the PC. Anyway, you should not use a PC without antivirus. If you are browsing the internet regularly.

And if you are browsing the internet regularly, you must have a good antivirus and a good anti-malware program on your PC and you must have it installed.

Remember that AntiVirus and Anti-malware are two different things and use these two programs together. In today’s world of modern internet, you can be 99% secure with your PC.

By using these two things together, you can be protected from all the viruses, spyware, ransomware and even PUP (potentially unwanted programs) of today.

When your computer behaves differently. Then naturally you will think that your favorite PCT has been infected with the virus. Now there are many types of viruses, if you know the types of viruses. Then you will be able to survive from them and get rid of the PC faster.


Is Windows Defender reliable 2021?


Is Windows Defender reliable 2021?

When you install Windows 10 on your PC. Then with it you will get automatic built-in antivirus windows defender. Which will scan all the programs on your PC from time to time, from Windows Update to its upgrade.

You can also do in-deep scanning from its own window. And best of all, this built-in antivirus will not slow down your PC. And it will almost always work in the background so you won’t notice anything.

And speaking of Microsoft products, it must be good. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about using any extra antivirus on your Windows separately. So, I can say that Windows Defender is enough for you for personal use!

All you need to do is upgrade this program regularly. However, if you are a corporate user, then you should definitely use a paid premium antivirus. And Premier Antivirus should be used only if there is no free version in the market.

As there is no free version of Kaspersky Antivirus in the market you can use it. But on the other hand the free version of Avast Antivirus comes in the market so it is better not to buy premium with its money, this is my personal opinion!


Best Malware Protection For Windows 10


Best Malware Protection For Windows 10


Now come with malware! Even a few years ago, only PCs could be safe with antivirus. But the number of free antiviruses on the market has increased so much that virus makers are researching all these free antiviruses, finding out their weak points.

Meanwhile, the power of the virus is increasing and new ways of spreading the virus are emerging. So in order to be the most secure in the current era, it is important to have a good anti-exploit program with antivirus on your PC. This will protect your web browsers and plugins from attack.

I recommend you to use Malwarebytes program as antimalware. There are free and premium versions of it in the market. For now, it is better to use the free version.

The Malwarebytes program has an anti-exploit feature, which will detect and block exploit points in programs. And there is PUP feature. This program also contains anit-ransomware which is an extraction attack.

It can protect your PC from attacks like CryptoLocker. However, keep in mind that it is better to use antivirus and similar antimalware at the same time. By running these two programs together you can ensure the best secure environment for PC in this era.

Now let’s say that you can rely on Windows Defender for personal use. Again, if you don’t like Windows Defender, you can use Avast, Avira, or Nortor Antivirus.


Ways to Get Rid of Computer Viruses Without Software?


A computer virus is malware that inadvertently enters your system via the Internet. There are many types of computer viruses. Depending on the type of threat, viruses can attack your computer settings and sometimes your hard drive. Which can cause a lot of damage to your data.

There are many antivirus software that can remove your computer virus. However, if you do not want to use any software and want to remove the virus manually, you need to give the command to the computer to restore your settings to the previous settings before the virus attack.

Here’s how to make your computer virus free without software. So let’s get started;


Windows XP users

Step-1: Click the Start Button. All Programs ‍ Select. Click on Accessories and select your tool by clicking System Tools. Now select System Restore.

Step-2: Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time by pressing Next.

Step-3: Select any one date before the virus infects your computer. Click Next> OK.
You will see the confirm Restore Point Selection option. Click Next.

Your computer will restart, and return to the date you specified. Your computer is now virus free.


Windows Vista

Step-1: Go to All Programs by clicking on the Start menu. Click System Tools and select System Restore.

Step-2: System Restore Wizard Actually click Next.

Step-3: Choose a date before the virus infection. Next> Yes.

Boss, your work is done, this time your computer will forget the virus trick and come back to you again.


Top 10 Popular Android antivirus


1. Avast Mobile Security
2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free
3. AVL
4. McAfee Security & Power Booster Free
5. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
6. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security
7. Norton Security and Antivirus
8. Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus
9. AhnLab V3 Mobile Security
10. Avira Antivirus Security


Best Free Antivirus for Windows 10- windows 10 do you need antivirus?


Others get the same benefits as buying antivirus for cash, using the ‘free MB’ provided by the mobile phone company and downloading the antivirus for free – I think I am living in a fool’s paradise in modern times!


Brother, at this time, when there are not even 10 potato chips in a packet of 10 chips or you have to get on and off the rickshaw and pay at least 20 rupees, do you expect those who buy antivirus for 500-600 rupees without spending a single penny to get the same benefits?


Exclude Equal Benefits – Have you ever checked to see if these free antivirus can detect malware at all or update it regularly? Suppose – this antivirus did any harm to your computer like a house rat, then who would you ask for its solution? Can you find customer care or any of their representatives to complain! Also, once connected to the net, this antivirus shows ads to buy its paid version, and if it doesn’t, it slowly stops serving – what to do with it?


User interface

Our first acquaintance with a program is its defined structure, that is, the window that appears as soon as the application is run. Simply put, this is called the user interface. It has been found that the simpler the user interface of a program, the more convenient it is to use.

Usually the user interface of free antiviruses is a bit complicated, but, the paid version (the picture of which is shown in the advertisement as soon as you launch the Rose application) is simple. And, that’s what encourages you (or gives you regular paragraphs) to take the paid version. Here’s our objection – if you give a good thing, pay first, why bother in the name of free!



This is the most important part of our discussion today. Be it free or paid – first you have to know which one is useful and which one is just show-off! Let’s see the results of a recent test in PC World.

(Note that the free and paid versions of the same company have been used at the same time in the same malware to test the performance of different antiviruses.)

Signature-based virus research has shown in almost all cases that the free version performs much less than the paid version. Also, Panda lags far behind the free versions of various antiviruses. No matter how much Nyla Naim crawls about ‘Little Bear’, the results of the free version are disgusting compared to the pro version of Panda Cloud Antivirus.

In fact, money really does matter. Don’t look – paid versions of almost all antiviruses can detect 98.2 percent of viruses and malware effortlessly, while the free version of Sesb reduces its rate alarmingly! Also, the overall failure rate to provide security for free antiviruses as a whole is 15.2 percent.

Not only that, this gap is even more alarming in terms of deleting the identified virus.


The average malware removal rate on any paid antivirus is 74 percent, while in the case of free antivirus it is only 34 percent!

So, if you have already done so, here it is – uninstall your so-called free antivirus today.



It has been found that there are two paid and free versions of antivirus, mysteriously why their free version is very slow! Everything from scanning to copy-paste seems to come to a halt.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. So, what we are saying is, delete the free antivirus and use a paid antivirus to see – the PC will run!

Lack of facilities

In free antivirus, you can only check if there is a virus in Namkawastha, but you can check everything else. For example, in Paid Antivirus you will get many more benefits besides virus check-removal, such as regular and complete update facility, software maintenance facility, support at any time any problem, tracking if the device is lost or stolen for any reason etc. – which is free. Never get in the case of antivirus.

Also, some free antiviruses have repeatedly advertised for a paid version of the antivirus and stopped the service after a certain period of time if not purchased – in user reviews – it’s like lifting a ladder from a tree. The reason is that if some identified viruses are trapped and released in a hurry, the results can be even more dangerous.

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