Android 11 Adds a Hidden Trash Folder To Recover Your Photos And Videos

Android 11 Adds a Hidden Trash Folder To Recover Your Photos And Videos: Up to this point on Android, when a file is deleted, whether it’s a photo you’ve taken or a song you’ve downloaded, it’s gone forever. With the help of Android 11, Google has quietly launched a new trash folder to help protect your photos and more from accidental deletion.
One of the most controversial changes to Android 11 in the eyes of developers is the addition of scoped storage – which – to make matters worse – rebuilds the way Android applications can and dramatically access and modify your files. In a longer video discussing some of the changes to Scoped Storage on Android 11, XDA-Developers noted that the previously undeclared feature has been recalled.
You’ll soon be able to “trash” files instead of deleting them when you use an app that is optimized for Android 11. When you trace an item, it must remain on your phone for another 30 days before it can be automatically deleted.
Once an item is thrown in the trash it is basically hidden from the rest of your device. Apps can then show you files you’ve recently trashed, if you never want to delete them. The whole experience is a lot like a recycle bin on a Windows computer, without Android there is no dedicated trash folder to show your trash items. It said that it would be possible to provide such features to file manager applications.
According to reports, the feature was first found in the Android 11 developer preview and developer Yuri My sochenko has been showing its early display since then. Judging from the screenshot, the trash items were originally kept for only seven days, while the video above mentions 30 days.

Android 11 Adds a Hidden Trash Folder To Recover Your Photos And Videos below picture 

Whatever the case may be, it’s exciting to see Android 11 allowing more developers to easily manage the kind of file trashing that apps like Google Photos have been able to do for quite some time now.

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