How to Make Facebook Phishing Websites 2021

Many of us have an idea about phishing sites, it lures users and hacks their important data. You can also do these things by creating such Facebook phishing sites.


If you want to use all these phishing sites, then you must hack the websites provided by others and then collaborate on their websites.


But if you want all these phishing sites to create their own, then you can take the data loop through your site.


And in today’s post I will fully discuss how you will create a Facebook phishing site, and perform your work perfectly with it.


What is a Facebook phishing site?


Facebook phishing site is a type of website where users are mainly attracted by offering various offers and then their documents are hacked.


In this case, whenever you click on one of the offers, they will redirect you to another website.


Maybe if they want to hack your Facebook ID, they will talk about giving all the login information of your ID here, and you will be able to login only after giving these.


And the temptation that they offered you access to this site, the whole page will be invalidated whenever you give them your Facebook information.


All in all, the main purpose of showing you this temptation is to grab your Facebook ID information, and make your ID your own by fully expressing your Facebook ID.



Can you create a Facebook phishing site?


There are many of us who want to create a Facebook phishing site on our own, the main purpose of which is to create your own phishing site to protect your own data.


It could be that you are using other people’s websites to attract people through these phishing links, they may have taken possession of those documents.


The fact is that such websites will hack your own personal data.


Whatever it is, you may have thought deeply about such things and now you have come to the conclusion that you will create a Facebook phishing site on your own.


And with today’s post, you can easily create your own Facebook phishing site, continue the post to know how to create.


Make your own Facebook phishing site?


If you want to create your own Facebook phishing site, I will list the things you need the most below.

  • A free or paid domain
  • A hosting plan
  • A free script

To get the job done, first download the script for free from the link below, and when the download is complete, follow the steps below.

Download Script

Whenever you download that script from the link above, you need to login to the C-panel of your website.


Whenever you purchase domains and hosting from any one of the providers, you will get their own cipanel, which you can control yourself.


To login to C-Panel on the website you need to paste the following link in your address bar,


Enter your domain name in place of your domain and then press Enter. Then you can login to your C-panel.


Whenever you login to your Cpanel with your username and password, a new page will open in front of you.


And when you login to the C-panel of your website, you select the option called File manager from among the many options here.

How to make Facebook phishing site

Whenever you select File Manager, you need to upload your downloaded script file here.

To upload the file you have to click on the upload button given above then you have to upload that file here.


You have to click on the upload button and then you have to upload that file here.


How to make Facebook phishing site in 2021

Once you have finished uploading that file, you need to extract this file and then make it usable on your website.


To extract the file you need to select the file and then you will get an option to extract here.


Facebook phishing site created

You need to unzip these zip files whenever you extract the file, then this file will be perfectly usable for use.

And then when you visit the website of that domain name, you will see that there is a login Facebook page.


The thing is, if you block someone with this Facebook phishing site, where will you get the documents given to them, so you have to login to your cipanel again.

Then you can see the password of anyone who logs in to the dashboard of this cpanel where you uploaded the profile pic.


And this way you can easily create a Facebook phishing site on your own, and you can get everyone trapped in the web of this Facebook phishing site.

Hopefully you have been able to learn how to do this perfectly and you can create your own Facebook phishing site.




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