5 Ways How to Add a Song to Your Facebook Profile in 2021

How to Add a Song to Your Facebook Profile in 2021


You can add new features of Facebook to your profile. And it will look very nice. People will be attracted to your Facebook profile. Which will make your Facebook profile look professional. No matter what you say. All in all, you got the feature to add a song to your Facebook profile. It is playing an extraordinary role. Which you cannot imagine. Nowadays this feature is no longer comparable.

So if you want to add songs to your Facebook profile, you can read my article and watch my screenshot Pictures. You can easily add songs to your Facebook profile. So let’s see how to add a songs to Your Facebook profile. I am showing here in absolutely simple language and step by step. See below.


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How to Add a Song to Your Facebook Profile


Here I will show you step by step very easy, which you can easily understand. Here you will see the screenshot. And you will work seam to seam. Adding your song will be quite on the Facebook profile.

1. You first open Facebook.
If you have a Facebook account, you only need to log in to Facebook.

2. You click on the profile icon.
Whenever you open Facebook. Then you will see the profile icon, according to the screenshot below. And if you do not see this process. Then click on the profile option in the right corner. Here I am only showing about Facebook Android Apps.

How to Add a Music to Your Facebook Profile 2021


3. Now click on the “Music” option at the bottom.
Whenever you log in to the profile. Just then you can see if you scroll down, next to “Photos” next to the “Music” option. So you click on the “Music” option.

How to Add a Song to Your Facebook Profile

4. Then click on the (+) icon.
Now you can see when you enter the music option, (+) icon next to music. Don’t forget to click on it.

5. Now search for the song of your choice in the search option.
You can now see the search option, I have written the name of another song, so choose the song of your choice. Then click on it.

This is the easiest way to add your song that you have been looking for for so long. If you like it, please share this Post. With all your friends.


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How to add a song to your facebook profile PC

1. Log in to your Facebook account.
Go to the main page and locate the text box at the top of the screen.  In the box “What do you have in mind?”

2. Find the song or MP3 audio file.
You want to share on the Internet.  Highlight the URL of the file by right-clicking on an existing link and selecting “Copy” or highlighting the URL of the file from your browser’s address window and copying.

3. Click the text box and select “Paste” Your Copy Link.
and From your browser’s menu option or press “Ctrl-V”.  The copied URL of the song should appear inside the text box.

4. Enter the name of the artist.
The title of the song or any other information you want to share, such as how you like the song or why it is important to you.  Put this additional information at the top of the link for easy reading.

5. Set the privacy setting to determine who can see the link to the posted song. 
You can choose between “public,” “friends,” “just me,” or “custom,” which makes the link available only to a specific person’s list.

6. Click the “Post” button to load the song link on your Facebook page.  Visitors to your page can now click on the link to listen to the song.


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